About Me

Hi, I’m a software developer currently working with Housing.com. I work on the backend for buildings and regions search, and the systems for managing data related to these entities. I’m passionate about technology and learning new things. I frequently use Ruby on Rails and ElasticSearch here, and I’m also at home with Python, PHP, C++ and Javascript.

The problem of strong AI particularly interests me, and I hope to see it solved in my lifetime. I read up on and work with machine learning and neural networks in my free time. During my time in college, I completed courses on Machine Learning (online) and Artificial Neural Networks and their Applications. Recently, I’ve also been working through Richard Socher’s course, Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing which he teaches at Stanford.

I graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee in 2015 with a degree in mechanical engineering and knowledge of a lot of things unrelated. I spent a lot of time in college with a student group, SDSLabs (Software Development Section), a bunch of smart geeks who make cool applications. I participated in quite a few hackathons with them as well, winning a couple. I was very interested in game development in college, being part of Google’s open source program, Google Summer of Code 2014 with CodeCombat, and interning in a game dev startup, Edlogiq in 2013.

Regarding machine intelligence, I’m most interested in language processing. I believe it is the hardest AI-complete problem, and a very uniquely human trait, because, for one, human language is much deeper and more sophisticated than the language or form of communication of any other species, and second, because it is very closely associated to the ability of our brains to form complex models of reality, which I believe is the root of our intelligence. Of course, actual work on NLP tends to be a little less lofty, since we are nowhere close to achieving human level intelligence in our artificial models.

I’ve previously worked on tasks loosely related to NLP - building search systems, for an ebook search engine with fulltext search during college, and for localities, buildings, cities and other region-like entities during my time at Housing, creating a sentiment analysis tool that captures political trends using news and social content, writing similarity/duplicacy detection algorithms for buildings and landmarks. Recently, I’ve also delved deeper into deep learning for NLP, creating a method to cluster classic literature available from Project Gutenberg by using word2vec.

When I’m not doing any of that, I love to read, especially classic sci-fi and dystopian fiction. I also like to trek and travel a lot, and listen to music. Feel free to contact me at jayantjain1992@gmail.com.